• More than a glass whiteboard, it's a work of art. Designer Glass Whiteboards
  • Add a new dimension to your architectural designs with Decorlite™ Back-Painted Glass. DECORLITE­™ Back-Painted Glass
  • A proud staple of Atlanta, On-Site Systems Etched and hung glass and metal in creating a stunning piece of art. World Of Coca-Cola
  • Stunning Laminated Glass for the International Terminal at Hartsfield Jackson Airport. Atlanta International Airport
  • On-Site Systems’ state-of-the-art direct Digital Glass Printing allows for large scale, high-resolution images to be directly printed on to glass. Digitally Printed Glass
  • Define where you create with your customizable Remarkables Glass Whiteboard. REMARKABLES™ Glass Whiteboards
  • LED Edge Lit Glass will offer refinement to any design when displaying your client’s branding. LED Edge Lit Glass
  • Mix and match colors, textures, opacity levels, and more with our Virtual Explorer. Virtual Explorer
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On-Site Systems is an industry leader and award winning architectural glass fabricator, with clients such as Coca-Cola, Chick-fil-A, Target, and McDonald's.
On-Site Systems creates some of the most influential and inspiring architectural glass in the nation.

News and Updates

Outside the Box Thinking with Glass Whiteboards

When I was a cook way back in the day, I learned a valuable lesson. Due to the small sizes of kitchens, you simply can’t fit loads of equipment in that tiny space. So what you do buy has to have multiple functions. The most famous is the 10” or 12” chef knife. It’s a great spatula, spoon, and of course a knife. So this fact holds true with pretty much anything I get now. If I can’t get multiple uses out of pretty much anything, it’s pointless to me. So I’m surprised when people ask me the point with glass whiteboards. Let me add a bit more to my fact of life; when something has multiple uses it have various points of ROI. Basically makes you money via saving you money. A glass whiteboards ROI is because it is multifunctional and due to its durability, never really needs replacing.

Is this the End of Architectural Glass?

Architectural glass has been getting a few nicks and chips as of recent after a slew of problems with glass towers around the world have become more of a nuisance than an identity for a city or country.

Look Before You Leap - Designing Creative Architectural Glass

In today's advanced world of all things design, it’s very easy to get caught up in trends and trying to stay ahead of the curve. We all want to be that designer or owner of something that no one else has or has thought of. If you see someone later on with a similar item, you want to take credit for their inspiration. But more oft than not, we find ourselves upon our faces, usually in mud, wondering what went wrong. Let’s take a look at a real world example of where looking before leaping would have been best advised.

Printed Glass and What it Means to You

 A decorative glass service that many people don’t understand or look over is printed glass. No that doesn’t mean you throw a bunch of sand in a printer and it prints a nice panel of glass. It literally means to throw a glass panel into a printer and it prints pretty much anything you want on a piece of glass.

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Some of our clients; Chrysler, McDonalds, Chick-Fil-A, Target, Coca-Cola